Aflex5D AF5D-60

Category: 60 series

Model number: AF5D-60

MSRP: US $4,999


AF5D-60 is a sophisticated image stacking system. Aflex5D system uses the built-in grid system - QStack® to easily & precisely stack multiple projectors into a bright, clear and vibrant image for 2D and 3D applications, without the hassles of additional software or camera., AF5D-60 can increase the brightness of any projected image by 2X (4X, 8X or even 16X). In comparison to the brightness of a single 12,000 lumens projector, the AF5D-60 can easily achieve this brightness by combining 4 (3000 lumens) projectors at a fraction of the cost. Aflex5D system uses the built-in grid system - QStack™ to easily & precisely stack multiple projectors into a bright, clear and vibrant image for 2D and 3D applications, without the hassles of additional software or camera. With the ease of alignment, Aflex5D create a 30,000 lumen projection system by using 10 projectors with 3,000 lumens and 5 AF5D-60. AF5D-60 works with your existing HD projectors, you can add brightness at anytime with the convenient setup of AF5D-60. Your entire high lumen projection system remains operational even if one projector bulb burns out. AF5D-60 is also capable of geometric correction to accommodate a curved screen or other large venue projections. Also, with soft edge blending, multiple projector systems can create an even bigger image. Pixel-based overlapping ensures precise alignment of the overlapping edges.

  • Doubles the brightness when used in 2D/3D stacked dual projector configurations
  • Single stacking processor that manages passive 3D, enhanced 2D projected images and curve/dome geometry image correction
  • Supports 1080P side-to-side & top-bottom 3D frame packing signals
  • Maximum output of 1920 x 1080
  • Easy setup & alignment through full-function remote or front panel interface
  • Stacked configuration greatly enhances picture brightness
  • Compliant with curved or dome projection formats
  • Geometric adjustment/Warping supports variable aspect ratios in projected images
  • Edge blending
  • Videowall features including image split, cropping, image location and more
  • Pixel based overlap adjustment in all edges
  • Optional accessories: Airbright3D2, Airbright5D, ChromaFlux 3D/2D Screen Paint from Elite Screens, Passive 3D glass, 

af5d 60 backpanel w remote saf5d 60w remote s


  AF5D-20 AF5D-21 AF5D-30 AF5D-5 AF5D-60
10-bit Graphics Scaler      
8-bit Graphics Scaler    
Passive 3D  
Warp/Scale  •  
Edge Blending        
Video Wall        


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  • HDMI (2)
  • VGA (2)
  • DVI (1)
  • DisplayPort (1)


  • HDMI (2)

Audio Input:

  • HDMI
  • PC Jack

Audio Output:

  • HDMI


  • Front panel buttons
  • IR Remote
  • RS232



17.32" x 6.18" x 1.77"
(440mm x 157mm x 45mm)

  • Brightness increase
  • Professional-grade 3D display
  • Dual Channel 3D Processor for passive 3D
  • Supports Blu-ray 1080P @24Hz frame packing, side-by-side and Top/Bottom 3D formats
  • Multi-projector setup for large format passive 3D
  • QStack® alignment/warp
  • Edge blending
  • Video Wall

Simulation Examples for this series:

3X1 edge blending and Stacking for Passive 3D

2x2 quart projector edge blending  

4 Projector 2x2 Edge blending

What's in the Box

  • AF5D-5 (1)
  • Power Supply (1)
  • Remote Control (1)
  • Batteries (2)